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DeMy doesn't live here anymore...

I just dropped the keys off with Blogger and have moved to a new address. Why? I don't know. I hope the full "5" followers ( I am one of them) that follow my blog will be so kind to visit my new page.
I am also asking to tell me what you did like about this page, so I can incorporate it in my new joint.

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12 Roses

I made this beat like 2 years ago. I wrote to it but never recorded. Its probably ready. The wack backstory is that Pete Rock sampled this too and gave it to Kanye. That inturn became "The Joy". No BS, I l kinda like mine better. The sweeping violins and clap. DeMy still got it...

 12 roses by Sev DeMy


Coming soon to US Weekly

so many fits, its like a tantrum


Across the pond...


Woke up to more bullsh*t...

"Earlier last week, Polo Ralph Lauren decided to drop the 'Polo' from its brand name. The designer, Ralph Lauren, named his original line 'Polo' in 1972. As the brand continues to grow worldwide, it wants to clear up confusion between the Polo brand, the sport, and the collared shirt that tennis players started wearing in the '20s. "
#pissed #WTF 
This is like telling the Smurfs, the color Blue has been canceled...


My summer had events equal to your whole life
days with no seatbelts, I had to hold tight
maybe I should email people that I never even responded to
just to say "bottoms up to the bottom, now I'm on top of you"
add me on facebook and check out all the cheeks we kissed
follow me on twitter and check out all the shit you missed
I never drank a beer from the same country I was sitting in
running circles around squares, I was never good at fitting in
giving away shit I should have gone to get fitted in
delete button broke just as I was admitting sin
and that sucks
black tux and I'm wearing a t-shirt, you wack fucks
this is a beautiful woman, and thats sluts (over there)
one is well-rounded and one just has a flat butt (know the difference)
I think I'm smart, I use big phrases
I'm bringing it all, I'll need big cases
but they not moving fast enough, show the big faces

Watch the Throne...




I'm working...please do not disturb


#2 Ladies & Gentlemen...drumroll

Nurse gives the top 5 regrets folks have on their deathbed

#2. I wish I didn’t work so hard. 
This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. Women also spoke of this regret. But as most were from an older generation, many of the female patients had not been breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence. 
By simplifying your lifestyle and making conscious choices along the way, it is possible to not need the income that you think you do. And by creating more space in your life, you become happier and more open to new opportunities, ones more suited to your new lifestyle.

Stay hydrated

Trying to write something of permanent value is a full-time job even though only a few hours a day are spent on the actual writing. A writer can be compared to a well. There are as many kinds of wells as there are writers. The important thing is to have good water in the well, and it is better to take a regular amount out than to pump the well dry and wait for it to refill. 
Earnst Hemmingway 


Dolce&Gabbana/Venetian, Las Vegas #SWAG


The only reason this pic matters is because of my fixation with timing. I read signs everywhere I go. I believe God puts signals of familiarity that show you that your on the right path. Anyway, point is, when I was living in Florence for 2 months I would walk through this Piazza daily. I'd see tourists or business folk or whomever. All snap pics, me included.

So I'm suit reading over at The Armoury and boom! Pic of some of their people in front of this statue. Pics of them in other spots. I don't know, its tickled me. Yeah, yeah, yeah... a million folks have posed right there. Your missing the point muthaf*cka...

I walked in the cathedral behind them and took pics I wasn't supposed to...because I'm bad, very bad.


Soundtrack to Life...

Soundtrack to this life is currently...

*Divided Loins - Kuddy LeBlanc
*CDC- Dom Kennedy
*Did You Hear What They Said- Gil Scott/Cookin Soul
*Let It Burn- VADO
*Musical Massage- Leon Ware
*Parachute (6/15 mix)- Tabi Bonney



I stare out of windows a lot... I'm a dreamer and a believer

 He once told me about polar bears - what solitary animals they are. They mate just once a year. One time in a whole year. There is no such thing as a lasting male-female bond in their world. One male polar bear and one female polar bear meet by sheer chance somewhere in the frozen vastness, and they mate. It doesn’t take long. And once they are finished, the male runs away from the female as if he is frightened to death: he runs from the place where they have mated. He never looks back - literally. The rest of the year he lives in deep solitude. Mutual communications - the touching of two hearts - do not exist for them. So, that is the story of polar bears” 

Haruki Murakami


I can be old. I can be new.  I can be a youthful senior. I can reinvent. I can take and I can takeaway. I can give and expect nothing in return. I can accept without exception. I can try and then try harder.

I can give up but I never really will. I can forget but I'll still remember. I can be mad but the anger wears off and the pain remains.

I can heal. I can proceed. I can keep pushing but not be pushy. I can be soft but not be pussy.

I can love. I will....


I used to love H.E.R.

Fifteen years ago, the main problem a lover of music— or film, or television, or other varieties of pop culture— would experience was scarcity. It took money to get hold of the stuff, and if you liked anything weird, it took effort, too. As a result, the default mode was to like what you could. In fact, the best way to demonstrate to others that you cared and were discerning about music was to like things— to have enjoyed exploring all these realms that took some effort to get to.
Over the past decade and a half, this situation seems to have reversed. The problem people talk about now is not scarcity but glut: a glut of music available to consume, a glut of media to tell you about it, a glut of things that desperately want your attention. Somewhere along the way, the default mode has taken a hard shift in the direction of showing your discernment by not liking things— by seeing through the hype and feeling superior to whatever you’re being told about in a given week. Give it the attention it wants, but in the negative.
- Nitsuh Abebe 


I sent my baby some pics and this was her response... she is 12 and crazy smart, not sure who she got it from #yaright

IMPRINT by Assata
                                              The pictures I really adored.
To me, they mean the world.
You always look so fly.
Whether on land or up in the sky.
You make a white shirt have meaning.
You're so hot, how are you not steaming?!
Whether in the Jack-town or L.A.
In a lot of people's minds you will stay.
You make an IMPRINT.



"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam" 
I will either find a way or I make one

Key West


best intentions

I forgot to bring my best suit
so I brought smiles and fresh fruit
I made plans but they got messed up
I promise you won't regret getting dressed up
the reservations were for 6pm
but your getting off late, I got your bbm
the movie starts just before nine
but I left the tickets at the same place that I bought the wine
then I left the wine at the fruit stand
then I said some cuss words like g*d damn
awww man...


You scare them, but not me...

you know I'd fly a kite with your picture on it
and then put my hand the bible, put a scripture on it
sometimes I smell like the sweat and the sin
most of the time you smell like earth and the wind
maybe that's how you blow me away
or the way you chess-move me, you know how to play
don't be stubborn with the lips, you give them here
you don't be nice to the bitches, you give them fear
scared that they'll never be like you
they should ask you questions maybe try and write you
you could give them tips like how to fight through
and how to keep a smile even when they spite you
your fire lady, i'm just trying to ignite you
so lets talk about what we will, not what we might do


I don't know what this will all cost me
and when I get life's receipt its gonna shock me
I told you that I changed but some things probably never do
and you changed too and did things you said you'd never do
away from the things that we swore and promised
to sit alone in a room, so proud, so accomplished
so many frowns, I need a soothing face
we live somewhere between the Winner's Circle and Loser's Place
until our white picket fence is painted
and we tell the story of the altar where I almost fainted
I'll be holding the picket sign saying we almost made it
holding all the cards, a king with a heart who almost played it

DeMy in Italia

Firenze was great... (outside the Medici Palace). Favs include dodging vespas, 11pm espressos & the farro

of course, I had my RetroSuperFutures on... #swag

San Gimignano was classic. Favs include artickoke & marscipone pizza and cheese lunch w/ a view

Cinque Terre was simply the BEST EVAR. Favs include the whole damn thang


Let it Ware on you...

If I ever get back to my 3rd floor apt in Hollywood... this will be sampled #notetoself



BTW... if Cyhi didn't tell you...

I'm living wonderful...I got a car, I got a crib, but more than that I air inside my ribs... I'm living wonderful

I'm your conscience...

Why is he having all the fun? Its like he doesn't even get it. Thats not important, this is important. He is gonna be sorry one day. He thinks thats cool? Cause its not. She's a bitch, why would he like her? I've been so good to him and he's just an asshole. He's gonna be sorry. I'm his friend, neighbor, grass cutter, favorite bartender... he owes me.

They're stupid, thats stupid, he's stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. I don't like that. I don't like this. Thats not new. Why didn't he call me? I showed him how to do that, he owes me. I could have done that, he would have never done that without me.

I remember when he was crying, OH...he's a big man now? yea right. I remember when he had to borrow, OH... now he can afford tomorrow? yea right. I remember when he would call me because he didn't know what to do, he has all the answers? yea, right. He's gonna see and then it will be too late.

He's not cute, he's not funny, he's not charming, his breath stinks anyway. He's not clever, he's not creative, I've seen that before. If I was bigger, I'd whup his ass...


Keep singing.... its good for your soul


Chance (?)

I know its a gamble, but I'm gonna take it...fuck it