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I'm your conscience...

Why is he having all the fun? Its like he doesn't even get it. Thats not important, this is important. He is gonna be sorry one day. He thinks thats cool? Cause its not. She's a bitch, why would he like her? I've been so good to him and he's just an asshole. He's gonna be sorry. I'm his friend, neighbor, grass cutter, favorite bartender... he owes me.

They're stupid, thats stupid, he's stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. I don't like that. I don't like this. Thats not new. Why didn't he call me? I showed him how to do that, he owes me. I could have done that, he would have never done that without me.

I remember when he was crying, OH...he's a big man now? yea right. I remember when he had to borrow, OH... now he can afford tomorrow? yea right. I remember when he would call me because he didn't know what to do, he has all the answers? yea, right. He's gonna see and then it will be too late.

He's not cute, he's not funny, he's not charming, his breath stinks anyway. He's not clever, he's not creative, I've seen that before. If I was bigger, I'd whup his ass...


Theresa said...

like this too. honesty, gets me every time.