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The only reason this pic matters is because of my fixation with timing. I read signs everywhere I go. I believe God puts signals of familiarity that show you that your on the right path. Anyway, point is, when I was living in Florence for 2 months I would walk through this Piazza daily. I'd see tourists or business folk or whomever. All snap pics, me included.

So I'm suit reading over at The Armoury and boom! Pic of some of their people in front of this statue. Pics of them in other spots. I don't know, its tickled me. Yeah, yeah, yeah... a million folks have posed right there. Your missing the point muthaf*cka...

I walked in the cathedral behind them and took pics I wasn't supposed to...because I'm bad, very bad.


Theresa said...

Many years ago I went to Disneyland and followed a group of Japanese teenage tourists around for like 30 minutes... they didn't go on rides or anything... they just walked around and posed. They were great pictures. These girls and one boy were totally consumed with what they were doing that they didn't even seem to notice me.